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::concentric watches

  Pure individuality - every one is different!
Coming up new 36mm ladies quartz model


The most colorful timekeeper on the planet. Wear a unique little piece of art on your wrist ! Made in Basel, Switzerland.
::concentric Uhren 2016 CanaryIslands


The future is gonna be much more individual and multifaceted

We will have less normed, massproduced items. New technics will make it possible, that we can wear clothes, which only exist like that once, or that we drink out of a mug, which nobody can buy in the same design.
Our ::concentric watches sind are forerunners of such new singular products, handmade with the help of computer- and moderne printing tech.

  modell 2  

Watchdial design and printing

The graphics for the individual dials is generated with a software, which we developed and programmed ourselves. It makes concentric (and other) random designs in always different geometry and color combination. Only few results of the random generator are interesting for the use in a ::concentric watch. After a multi-level selection it needs some adjustments and optimizations, until finally a dial can be printed in professional, high resolution photo-quality, and punched by hand to be available to build into a watchcase. Per contra to digital printing no pixels or pointgrids can be seen.

* Our current introductory prices are valid not later than until the end of 2015, after that, we must for economic reasons rise the prices for about 30% - like other Swiss Made watches of this quality.


Model 1


Model 2
41mm stainless steel case
Flat sapphire glass
High quality Swiss 2824 automatic movement
Leather- or rubberband in divers colors, brand HIRSCH
Mineralglass back pressed
Superluminova hands, red second
Swiss Made
3 years of warranty, 10 years on the dial

Introductory price 2015 CHF 480.-*
  42mm stainless steel case
Domed sapphire glass
Original ETA 2824 automatic movement
Leather- or rubberband in divers colors, brand HIRSCH
Mineralglass back screwed with 6 screws
Superluminova hands, red second
Swiss Made
3 years of warranty, 10 years on the dial

Introductory price 2015 CHF 650.-*
model1-2   model2-5  
backside-model1   backside-model2  

Idea and concept

Daniel Schulthess (Jg. 67) is architect und designer -he studied in his photography randomn structures, their aesthetics and also mathematically the theory of probability - before the 'Random Art Generator' was created.

Random structures and color combinations (number of options would be here the factorial of the number of rings x number of ring widths x 16.7 million) have a particularly strong expression. If you try to obtain it manually, which is connected with great effort - and a structure which acts no longer completely random (and thus naturally). Our brain will always try to select the color according to certain principles. For example, 'Now I have 2 blue rings, there should perhaps follow a beautiful red' etc. The computer, however, will rather take a third blue being followed by a dirty brown. Through this absolute light-heartedness of the machine a different aesthetics is created.
Various color concepts in the form of pattern and composition are suggested by the random generator - skips the designer one in the eye - he can save the corresponding vectorgraphics (scalable) - and often with the graphics software (Adobe Illustrator) he can edit it analogously.

Random graphics as target Wall Art

branches stones
zufall random
  The Random Art Generator in action - Not every automatic composition is coherent and useable for a watch dial.    

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Random colors with a Flash instance of the Random Art Generator
  xplosion-watch <sold> target pattern
    "Modèle Déposé"
The ::concentric dial graphics is copyright protected.
Entry 140 877 in the Registry of Designs of the Swiss Institute for Intellectual Property 07-2014.
  target <sold model 2 -3
6   mod2-6   glassback <new> 7

::concentric watches are until further notice exclusively available in the Pilot's Watches Shop Basel, www.watchsale.ch - and provisionally available at the Aviation-Time Online Shop.
The ::concentric collection was first presented at the BLICKFANG fair in Basel, 24th-26th April 2015.

Concentric in the press:
TOURBILLION Magazine 42 (9-2015) Report and interview
Armbanduhren 10-2015

Due to great interest of female customers primarily in something smaller ::concentrics, we will soon present a model 3 in 36mm, manual winding or Swiss Made quartz.

Private Label :: Exactly the same way we can also realize your own watches (Dial) design, possibly with a different set of watchhands. We would need your graphic or photo template in 600dpi. Contact us.

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